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ST ANDREW'S CLERGY, most recent first...

Year of Appointment Name Title/Notes
2017 Shaun Speller Vicar
2010 - 2015 Patsy Critchley Assistant Curate, serving alongside Sue Groom
2009 - 2016 Sue Groom Priest in Charge and Diocesan Director of Ordinands (first female priest in the Benefice). Appointed as an Honorary Canon of St Albans Abbey Cathedral on Saturday 8th March 2014. Left to become Archdeacon of Wilts, Feb 2016.
2002 John Morley, AKC Former Dean of Nicosia; Rural Dean, Shefford Deanery, until 2008
1998 Michael John Proctor  
In 1998, the Parish merged with Henlow to become the United Benefice of Henlow and Langford, remaining a Crown Appointment.
1991 Graham Bradshaw, BD  
1973 Robert Harvey Nokes, MA  
1968 Gordon Turvey, MBE, MA  
1961 William John Heffer, AKC  
1956 John Allan Ainger, MA  
1951 John Kilday, BA  
1945 Herbert George Wise, MA  
1934 Alexander Thorpe Goodrich, MA  
1870 Christopher Cooper Ewbank, MA Curate from 1868
1850 Henry Addington, MA Had new vicarage built
1838 John Byng non resident
1785 George Edward Mossop Lived in Biggleswade; memorial inside organ chamber.
1773 Thomas Willams Clerk; non resident
1749 William Pateman Lived in Georgian house by the Wrestlers
1746 John Banks non resident
1727 Moses St Eloy, MA non resident; tombstone in chancel
1712 Samuel Bradford Curate. In 1712 the Vicarage was sequestrated and the Care of the Parish was served by Samuel Bradford, Vicar of Southill. He was licensed to the curacy on 24 October 1712
1695 Michael Sheldon Curate; non resident
1676 Ellis Price Curate; non resident
1670 Anthony Lane Curate; non resident
1667 Ralph Trattle Curate; non resident
1623 Jonathan Frauncis, MA Installed as Vicar at the age of 21
1594 John Frauncis, BA Vicar (died 1623)
1590 Henry Howe Clerk
1583 Edward Noke Presented by Queen Elizabeth I on 26 October but no evidence of admission found.
1554 William Dymelton Priest
1541 William Dynbilton Clerk
In 1539, at the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the Patronage passed to the Crown.
1539 William Drey Chaplain
1518 Rowland Clark Clerk
1505 Thomas Hunden Clerk; moved and died in Dunton, Bedfordshire)
1496 Edward Ap Williams Priest
1485 Thomas Wryght  
1474 John Wylde Priest
1464 Oliver Dynham, MA  
1453 John Germen Priest
  William Parker died 1453 (date of admission not known)
1438 William Saycoke Priest
1434 Hugh Fissher Priest
1417 Walter Lightgrove From Redbourn, Hertfordshire
1408 John Barfote Chaplain (exchanged with Walter Lightgrove)
1408 Robert Fossard Chaplain
1369 Richard Stoghton Died of the plague 1408
1369 John Lucas Died of the plague 1369
1366 Nicholas De Swynardton  
1364 John De Farbourne Priest
1349 John De Kerebrok Priest
1346 Richard De Geynesburgh Died of the plague 1349
1343 Wiiliam Miloun  
1330 Thomas Somenour (resigned for want of exchange)
1330 John De Potton Priest
1314 Richard Sulgrave (resigned 1330)
1314 William De Towesland Priest; presented by the Prior of the house of St John of Jerusalem, England, and appointed by the Knights Hospitallers.
1303 John De Melles Chaplain
1292 John De Scrouteby Chaplain
1276 William De Strodis  
1276 John De Hinlege Priest
1275 William De Ryvere Priest
1274 Thomas Died 1275
1238 William De Eicle Chaplain
1235 John De Coeul Chaplain
1220 Richard Chaplain
1185 c. Godfrey Chaplain; presented by the Master of the Knights of the Temple, England, and appointed by the Bishop of Lincoln.
In 1220 the vicarage of Langford was newly ordained. It consisted of the altarage of the church and in everything belonging to the church except tithes of sheathes and tithes issuing from the mills and except the land of the church. A pension of one mark was reserved from the vicarage for the Knights Templars...

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